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Silverpoint Drawing
4 x 10″ on blue-gray prepared panel

This recent silverpoint drawing is a section of intertwined vines and branches that I found in the woods and had to have. The more twisted the better. (I’m also attracted to bamboo that is bent, curved, or somehow different than the others.) These things have grown naturally like that and are great finds!

The actual piece will become a focal point in some future “work in wood” that I create. Until then, I get to know it by drawing and sometimes painting it.

A silverpoint drawing is made by using a silver rod that is typically inserted in a holder. The drawing surface, or ground, is prepared, that is, it must have a “tooth” that allows metal from the silver rod to rub off. The term metalpoint refers to any metals – silver, gold, copper, aluminum, etc. – that could be used in the same way.

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