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Posted on by Norine

Bamboo, painted poplar discs
16″ x 16″


In this work, I wanted to show the beautiful flexibility and strength of bamboo. I used a knife to split a piece of bamboo into thin strands of varying widths. The strands had to be flexible enough to insert into two holes and bend into elegant arcs across the panel.

Beginning on September 7, I’ll be pairing up with Charlie Katzenbach for a month-long exhibition of our “Expressions in Wood, Glass, and Bamboo” at the Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville, New Jersey. There was no time to follow the path of each and every idea I had, but the ones I did finish illustrate the many separate directions I could explore. I’m still just tapping the surface of how to use bamboo as a mosaic design element. “Jubilation” will be on display at the Artists’ Gallery for the month of September. I hope you’re in town for the show! If not, check back here where I’ll be adding photos of the event.

I clean my mosaics with a feather duster or a brush with soft, long-haired bristles.

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