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“Pipe Dreams”

Posted on by Norine

Detail of Pipe Dreams, my latest bamboo and wood mosaic. The full mosaic measures 24″ x 24″. Please take a look at the previous 3 blog posts to learn more about the progression of this body of work.

It takes real concentration to stay close to the first impression we receive when an idea is born, especially when many ideas are hitting at once. I follow one lead at a time, then the next one that becomes clearest, then the next… I constantly take stock of where I am with each step. Sometimes things aren’t working, and we don’t exactly know why. But, we will no doubt discover why if we continue to pay attention. This may may mean letting it go for a while, come back to it renewed and refreshed. We nail it when we nail it, there’s no mistaking that feeling.

Here’s how Pipe Dreams came about: While gathering some bamboo poles in my studio, the sounds emanating from the hollow chambers as they bumped together were like those of flutes, or chimes. That was enough to go on. These “flutes” needed a voice – so I split a piece lengthwise and began cutting some curls and openings into the bamboo – to let the sound out. I’m happy with how it unfolded…

A creative person isn’t really content unless she invents. We need to make our feelings happen somehow.

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  1. webjake

    Stunning!!! Love the entire theme, the engaging and great story and outstanding insight into the creative process, and especially, the incredibly beautiful end result! You are an amazing artist!!

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