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“The Visitor”

Posted on by Norine

Silverpoint Drawing
4.5×7″ lavender-gray prepared paper

A “ordinary” feather – one of Nature’s exquisite designs. Silverpoint Drawing is such a meditative medium. For me, a great way to quiet the mind is to sit with my silver stylus and a feather, seashell, flower, or a beach stone…and tune out our high-speed world for a while; no blogging, texting, tweeting. Better yet, to sit outside with the real tweeters and relax, especially after periods of intense creativity.

See other feather posts: “Soft Landing” is an oil painting, posted on September 2, 2008. “Arrival” is a silverpoint that was posted on June 24, 2009.)

Please email me if you are interested in this drawing.

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