The Art Fly

“Tipping Point”

Posted on by Norine

Acrylic and Graphite
6×6″ bevel-edge panel

This is one of the very first posts in my blog: The Art Fly Daily Paintings and Silverpoint Drawings by Norine Kevolic. I’m new at blogging and learning as I go so it would be great to have friends along on the journey.

In my compositions, I love using Natural elements along with something human-made – like the glass sphere in this painting. The natural elements may be the beach stones that I’ve collected from the shores of Scotland and New England, seedpods, shells, thorns, bamboo, feathers, bones… The human-made objects may be clear glass spheres, optical lenses, or beautiful old tools and rusted metals. It all started with a few stones that I collected from the beach at Findhorn, Scotland about a dozen years ago!

SOLD. Please email me if you are interested in something similar to this painting.

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