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Silverpoint Drawing
6×9″ green-gray prepared paper

This is the very first post in my blog: The Art Fly Daily Paintings and Silverpoint Drawings by Norine Kevolic. I’m new at blogging, and learning as I go so it would be great to have friends on the journey!

In my compositions I love using elements from Nature along with human-made objects. The natural elements may be stones, thorns, seedpods, cinnamon bark, bamboo, bones…while the human-made objects may be glass spheres, optical lenses, or rusted old tools…

“Resting” is a drawing that was created using a silver stylus on prepared paper – a medium known as Silverpoint. Silverpoint pre-dates the pencil as a drawing medium and reached its height in the Renaissance era, though some early drawings date to the 12th century. Tones are built up gradually through much cross-hatching and layering of lines. Over time the silver will tarnish to a metallic sepia tone. I prepared the paper with a gray-green tone; highlights are white charcoal. To learn more about Silverpoint please visit my website.

Please email me if you are interested in this silverpoint.

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